Maestrami proposes an avantguard taylored look, the essence of style and brand, defined by the combination of traditional lines and contemporary revisitations. This is designed to inspire clients fascinated by new details who love impeccable workmanship. Choose Maestrami if you want to feel unique and wear exclusive garments. If you are looking for an outfit to set off your figure as well as your character, you are a client who knows her way in teh world, who can keep up with the times and appreciate good taste while being gently attracted to the versatile aspects that fashion concedes.
Over the years, the Maestrami brand has expanded with the help of Alberto and Carlo Maestrami, sons of Francesco, the illuminated entreppreneur who founded the company in 1947 producing rigorously Made in Italy high class clothes on a wide scale.
With passion and hard work, Luca, Marco, and Michele Maestrami follow development and production, maintaining the founder's values, interpreting every day life as a moment to be authentic with class and the good taste and being contaminated by new trends.
Now the Maestrami collection are distributed successfully at an international level, an amazing result that gives a fundamental boost for future development.


Maestrami is the classic line, for those who love the elegance of modern tailor cuts.
Maestrami Cerimonia proposes a total creative look which celebrates the style and craftsman's detail.
Maestrami Evolution is enchantingly essential and pure.

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